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SVC ApartmentM Chereville


2minutes from Kangnam Station subway line 2

Open / Units May, 2003 / 124units


Room Service, Good Rental Price, Short-term, Shopping


Middle Quality, Crowded, Apartment Style

Please contact to : 82-2-447-9959

Bedroom Gross Size (py=pyung) Daily (KRW,$) Inc.Tax & SVC Charge Book Now
Studio 2 people
57sq.m, 612sq.ft,17py
Double Bed
- - -
One Bedroom Suite 2 people
80sq.m, 864sq.ft, 24py
Double Bed
- - -
Two Bedroom Suite 4 people
171sq.m, 1,872sq.ft, 35py
- - -

* All Dollar rates are appllied to 1,000 Korean Won.
* Depends on length of stay, Sned to email.

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