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Why in Gangnam:
Most apartments in Gangnam are for rent but other areas for residences.
Few apartments could be found in other areas but hardly find.
High-rise Apartments:
Apartments are mostly low-rise buildings like 5stories. Only one owner even 10units in a building.
Units of high-rise apartments are all different owners and hardly make same rent with same deposit.
Long Term High-rise Apartments:
Over 1 year, you can find high-rise apartments easily but required $10,000(10,000,000KRW) for deposit at least.
Rents of apartments are not including utilities and other expenses, please check here Apartment Expenses.
One month's rent will be deposit and deposit will be returned when you leave except moving out cleaning fee.
All utilities are noticed to your e-mail every month and you can pay them with rent. Check here Apartment Expenses.
Utilities are totally depending on how much you use.
All apartments are heated from floor and you can control very easily.
Some apartments have managers or alarm systems but all apartments need security code to enter. Seoul is also one of safety city in the world. All Gangnam areas have CCTV out side to inside.
Building manager repair, clean and manage common areas like parking, stairs, elevator and exterior.
We manage all problems of apartments for replacing and fixing.
Minimum term is 1month and could be extended with notice. Longest term is 1 year.
Required for Lease:
Name, e-mail, deposit, first rent and copy of passport or foreigner registration card.
Rent Difference:
When you extend, rent could be adjusted. It would be depending on season.
Use high-speed internet service and watch over 10 English channels in all apartments.
How long:
We show you 5 to 10 apartments in Gangnam area and you can move in a same day.
We provide pictures of apartments and you can make a reservation but you would better look by yourself.
Transfer rent with utilities every month through any bank. Do not need to account. Just bring your ID or passport
Same bank no transfer charge but different banks would ask charge around $2(2,000KRW). No credit card!
Reduce rent with high deposit or key money:
Do not need to pay high deposit or key money. It dose not make a lot of reducing rent.
$10,000(10,000,000KRW) could be reduce monthly rent $50(50,000KRW).
You should give us a notice for extending or termination before 15days. Rent is asked for 15days notice.
Give us 15days notice and find another tenant to continue the lease. If can't find someone, deposit would not be returned.
Something broken by tenant, tenant should repair. General tear and worn are not deducted.
Hot Season:
Summer & winter vacations are booming season and they are around July to August and December to February.

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